Does Nokia test Android?

Nokia just introduced their N9 with the operation system Meego. As you can see on the picture there is a Nokia device with a non Meego operation system.
We can't check due to this picturesnap if the Nokia device uses is a legit Android software.
The staff from engadget.com thinks it is not a fake picture because the guy who uploaded this image is the same guy who uploaded Nokia's Windows mobile prototype.
It seems this guy has got some real inside information.

Maybe Nokia isn't happy with their windows mobile sales and they are trying it now with Android.
I can't wait to look forward till we know if Nokia will sell mobile phones with Android OS


Dralel said...

Nokia isn't the greatest of companies, perhaps they are looking into expanding their business with other companies.

ReMs said...

that would be nice, was hoping to get a nokia android for a long time

FinBis said...

So they'll go with WP7 and Android? Hmm let's see if they can keep up!

Fix PC Games Admin said...

So Nokia with android? Well this seems like a good step. Because Symbian is way too old.

Leo` said...

I'd love to have android on my nokia, hope it is true :)

Kamatacci said...

Nokia should just leave the cell-phone business all together.

Zach said...

HOpefully they will start using it

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

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