Android smart watch

Today I present a watch which works on Android called" i’m Watch".
Sony Ericsson demonstrated first this kind of watch with their "LiveView".
The idea behind it is to connect your watch with your smartphone so handle mails, calls, messages on your hand. You don't have to put your mobilephone out from your pocket.
But there were a lot of connection problems between the watch and the smartphone.

The "i'm Watch" takes up this principle, but it uses Android as Operation System. Thus you solve the connection problem.
Due to reports the "i'm Watch" is working fine on Iphone and Blackberrys too.


  • Analog and also digital representation of the time
  • Caller name and number are displayed on the display
  • Phone calls should also be possible
  • SMS and e-mails are shown
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. is shown
  • Music Downloads, Apps, Photo Galleries
  • Extensible functions Apps  
The "i'm Watch" will be able to buy in different colour on 30th Juneand and it will cost 245€ (~$345).
I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll have some money left after holidays. ;)

 i'mWatch Website


Dejch said...

not a fan of watches.. but ok :)

Jeff said...

Would actually love to own one of these, was wondering when somebody would release something like this. My fingers were crossed that it wouldn't be Apple haha

brn said...

$345? hahah too expensive! D: looks pretty cool though.

Zoidberg said...

This looks nice. I guess that's the way iPod Nano is gonna go as well.

Zach said...

Too expensive for me :P

Grant said...

Looks pretty cool!

Radux said...

Wait a moment, my watch rings.. x.X

phosports said...

hahah awesome watch, i should get it

Monoriss said...

lol i want that :X

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome... Android on your wrist :P

Michael said...

I'd buy this.... if it wasn't that expensive...

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