Backdoor in Android HTC devices

On serveral HTC smartphones is an Android version installed, which contains a logging programm.
This logging programm was developed by HTC. This logger should be helpful for developers to find mistakes in their code. Due to a report from Android-Police, this logger opens a backdoor to the private data of the user.

It is enough to permit the right android.permission.INTERNET. A lot of aps use this to get an connection to the internet. So they can show the user advertisment. 
This rule opens a Port and you can connect to this device and read its data, including GPS, SMS, calling list and serveral other logs.
Known affected devices are the Evo3D, Evo4G and Thunderbol.
Maybe there are other devices affected too !!!
Hackers asks for owners of these devices to help them.They provided a software to check the deviced.


Rifle said...

Looks like I will hate to update my software to get rid of this backdoor. Thanks for warning:)

AgusFan said...

good info! =)

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Anonymous said...

Great blog man, I love it. Keep your work up. +follow to yu.

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