Ice Scream Sandwich hidden features

"Dreams" by an unknown Screen Saver, which has no function other than to look chic. But that's also something nice, right?
The Screen Saver let your icons fly over yor display. If you are fast enough you can click the icon.
To activate this feature you need the App Launcher Pro.

Follow this Video-Guide to get this cool App


Adobe Touch Apps Family out now

Tablets want to be used by their owners. Not only for gaming or checking emails.
Have you ever tried to be creative with your Tablet? The big display is very useful for that.
So Adobe released there new Toch Apps Family for that.

While Adobe recently announced that the development of Flash for mobile devices is abandoned, they did something positive too.
So also the Touch Apps Family, which was announced in October, and where there is a bundle of six Apps for Android Tablets is, can be used to hire a whole lot of creative things. These apps are:

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch: Basic Photoshop functions, with which images can be edited 
  • Adobe Proto: creating interactive wireframes and prototypes for web pages and apps
  • Adobe Ideas: A digital sketch pad that allows fast vector-graphics werstellt
  •  Adobe Debut: For presentations of selected Adobe Creative Suite Design
  •  Adobe collage: creating mood boards from pictures, drawings and text
  •  Adobe Kuler: generate color schemes and themes  
Each App costs about 7,99 € in the Market.


Open source robot with Android remotecontrol

Not bad!
It seems the QBO open source robot seems to be there for a while. But you couldn't controll it with Android. That's why I didn't recognize the QBO so long. 
In conjunction with a smartphone it's a pretty cool thing.

Of course you can phone someone if you want to talk to him. 
I Hope the world won't turn too geeky


Backdoor in Android HTC devices

On serveral HTC smartphones is an Android version installed, which contains a logging programm.
This logging programm was developed by HTC. This logger should be helpful for developers to find mistakes in their code. Due to a report from Android-Police, this logger opens a backdoor to the private data of the user.

It is enough to permit the right android.permission.INTERNET. A lot of aps use this to get an connection to the internet. So they can show the user advertisment. 
This rule opens a Port and you can connect to this device and read its data, including GPS, SMS, calling list and serveral other logs.
Known affected devices are the Evo3D, Evo4G and Thunderbol.
Maybe there are other devices affected too !!!
Hackers asks for owners of these devices to help them.They provided a software to check the deviced.


New action game on Android market: 9mm out now !!!

If you like Max Payne or the GTA seasons then you will like 9mm. The player to slip into the role of John “Loose” Kannon, a policeman who doesnt care about the law really.
The player of this third-person shooter will be able to use guns/machinenguns/rocketlaunchers and finally pumpgungs. 
Also the game supports multiplayer. You will be able to play a 1on1 match, or with twelve players on four diffrent maps. 
A first impression on this game delievers the video below.

You can buy 9mm on the Android Market for €5.19


Google strikes back: 1023 IBM patents to defend Android

Due to the patent battle Google decided to buy over 1000 technology patents from IBM.
In Googles e-mail statement they said:
Like many tech companies, at times we’ll acquire patents that are relevant to our business.”

The acquired patents from Google,are about the architecture and fabrication of microprocessor and memory chips, but also to servers, routers and online search engines.

Google has been trying for some time to catch up with the patents to other IT companies like Microsoft and Apple. It has already bought from IBM in July 1000 patents. With the recent acquisition of the smartphone business of Motorola by Google, it should also be gone including the approximately 17 000 briefs, which go to the owner.

So Google wants to prevent their vulnerability.



New Android virus apparently records phone calls

It is still August - and thus summer. However, this year it rains very often. No wonder then, that one catches a virus much easier.
But why Android has gotten a cold so easily? After the "Angry Bird" virus there is a new one out there.

Privacy advocates strike alarm

Researchers from CA Technologies found a virus, which records phone calls and send them to a server.
This virus wasn't written by some intelligent programmer because the phone calls are saved on the SD-CARD which get full soon. So soon the owner of the mobile phone will recognize that there is something wrong because.  
I recomment you to read the description of the app before you download it!
If you are too lazy for that then i suggest you to download LBE Privacy Guard.
Many pests disguise themselves as system files. If they look somehow suspicious - don't download it!!!



Samsung Galaxy S2 compared with the light version

The Samsung Galaxy R must be a very interesting device although there haven't been any information if you can buy it in Europe. Its technical performance is between the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S plus.

It has a 1 GHz Tegra 2 (Dual Core) processor, a 4.2 "Super Clear LCD display, a 5 megapixel camera and 8GB of internal memory. Although these are "worse" than the technical data of the Galaxy S2, but they can turn up completely. Especially since the device would be a good bit cheaper. I guess about €400-450. Because you can get a Galaxy S2 indeed for almost €500,and the Galaxy Plus around 350 .

You can watch the preview video about the Galaxy R here.


Rumor about HTC FLYER

A picture has appeared where you can see 2 Cameras on it. These correspond to 3D-Technologie.
If you look closer you will see the label "HTC Evo 3D".
With the EVO 3D, HTC has already a Mobile Device with 3D technology in the range, maybe the caption at the bottom of the picture's a indication for their new 3D device



I want to ride my bicycle my bicycle

This gadget I am showing you is very nice.
You don't need allways an electric socket. If you go by bike you will use GPS and want to track your route.
But soon you will notice that your batterie is very low.
With this gadget you won't have this problem anymore. You have to put it only on your cycle handlebars and ride your bike.

This gadget works with 5 V, 500 mA. The disadvantage of this gadget is the cable tangle which I don't like.

Usually it cots €69,90 but for a short time you can get it for €29,90.

Click here for more information


Samsung Galaxy II features you still might not know

The Samsung Galaxy II is on of the most successful Android smart phone anyway.
It has broken several sale records. Samsung has done a good job.
There, a lot of costumers won't know all its features.
Or did you know that the Galaxy S2 is the only Android smartphone now has a chipset that can encrypt data on the phone and SD card?
At a loss all data would be safe. Or did you know that you can track all Android phones with GPS if it get lost or stolen?

 I've choosed three Galaxy S2 functions for you. You can watch it on those videos below.


Does Nokia test Android?

Nokia just introduced their N9 with the operation system Meego. As you can see on the picture there is a Nokia device with a non Meego operation system.
We can't check due to this picturesnap if the Nokia device uses is a legit Android software.
The staff from engadget.com thinks it is not a fake picture because the guy who uploaded this image is the same guy who uploaded Nokia's Windows mobile prototype.
It seems this guy has got some real inside information.

Maybe Nokia isn't happy with their windows mobile sales and they are trying it now with Android.
I can't wait to look forward till we know if Nokia will sell mobile phones with Android OS


Woman Football World Cup 2011 Application

The "real" footballseason is over. So what to do on Saturday afternoon?
You can't bet and drinking beer with your friends. That's an boring time till the footballseason starts again.
But hope dies last.

The Football World Cup for woman starts soon. For sure it's not so spectacullary as the "real" football but what should you do instead.
Certainly you can't get every information about this tournament. You have to get a little helper.

For that reason you can use this APP as your helper. It costs 0.70€.

You can see all the results of the games, the actuall rankings and more game details.

Here is a screen of it


Cut The Rope for Android

The developers of the popular game iOS Cut The Rope have sent the picture above to the guys from Androidpolice via Twitter.
Although it was known that "Cut the Rope" will be released for Android, it was very quiet about this game last time.
This game will be released on Friday , if you believe the pictures. It isnt clear if the game will be able to buy over the Android Market or over the Amazon Appstore. 
I bet it will be released on Amazon Appstore.  Amazon won't envadeto sell this long awaited game exclusive on their Appstore


A new, low-cost tablet...

... called ANDYPAD.
Did you hear about it? NO?
Then it's good that you read this blog entry, because this doesn't sound uninteresting what the guy from the UK promise us.

  • Android 2.3
  • 7" Display
  • WiFi, HDMI, MicroSD
  • 3D GPU
  • 1,2GHz A8 Prozessor
  • 1080p HD Video Ouput
On their website you can see a day counter. Currently it says 73 days left. That means you are able to buy it at September.
You also see the price for this tablet. I think thats not expensive for such a tablet.

It will cost £ 129 , that is, give about 150 .


Android smart watch

Today I present a watch which works on Android called" i’m Watch".
Sony Ericsson demonstrated first this kind of watch with their "LiveView".
The idea behind it is to connect your watch with your smartphone so handle mails, calls, messages on your hand. You don't have to put your mobilephone out from your pocket.
But there were a lot of connection problems between the watch and the smartphone.

The "i'm Watch" takes up this principle, but it uses Android as Operation System. Thus you solve the connection problem.
Due to reports the "i'm Watch" is working fine on Iphone and Blackberrys too.


  • Analog and also digital representation of the time
  • Caller name and number are displayed on the display
  • Phone calls should also be possible
  • SMS and e-mails are shown
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. is shown
  • Music Downloads, Apps, Photo Galleries
  • Extensible functions Apps  
The "i'm Watch" will be able to buy in different colour on 30th Juneand and it will cost 245€ (~$345).
I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll have some money left after holidays. ;)

 i'mWatch Website


Android 2.3.3 avaiable for Samsung Galaxy S via Kies

It is said that the Android 2.3.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S is avaiable for Kies. Severale user
confirmed that. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S at home, connect your USB-Cable to your computer and start your "favorite" software Kies. Maybe there is something nice to install.

Also a new testsoftware has appeared on samfirmware.com. If you want to install this software you should be a technical expert and know that your mobilephone could be broking due tis operation.


Android App provides quick access to other Facebook accounts

FaceNiff ist eine App für Googles Betriebssystem Android, mit der ein Hacker ohne große Probleme auf fremde Konten bei Facebook, Twitter oder auch YouTube zugreifen kann. 

The developer of the software, Bartosz Ponurkiewicz, has announced that other platforms will follow soon. Via the app to all of those user accounts can be accessed, which are in the same wireless network.

For the hack you need another fine rooted Android smartphone. Then it only takes about 30 seconds to log on to the target account. Wi-Fi networks that are encrypted with WEP, WPA or WPA2 is not a problem for this app.




Android statistics

Nielsen, know for its data collection on viewer behavior on TV and now focuses on all other statistically relevant areas of telecommunications, has just released the results that Android users obertake the I-Phone in downloading and using from apps.

Source: blog.nielsen.com


Google kicks some emulators out of the market

Indeed Nesoid, Snedoid und Gameboid are removed.

Compared to Apple, Google is very slacky by the inclusion of programs in their own App Store. There are no past examination.


This does not mean Google hasn't any rules. As you can see there is a report on "Android Police".
So now all channels of the developer Yong Zhang were removed from the market, deleted the associated account. Zhang had focused on the emulators and here among other Nesoid, SNesoid GameBoid and various apps offering.


The question of why Google has now decided to distance, one can only speculate, because the company does not comment on individual cases.


The community also suspected in a row as quickly the pressure of the games industry, which in recent years, again and again - has taken action against emulators - but with very changeable success. After all, before not too long ago with the emulator PSX4Droid also another developer was thrown out of the market. 


However, there is also another possible explanation: On Reddit there is a discussion, that Zhang might violate the license of the free software licence GPL.
After all his emulators are based quite clearly on free software, but Zhang didn't make his code public and also didn't make it clear where he got it.


NVIDIA presents their "Kal-El" – Quadcore in a 4 minute video

In a four minute video, NVIDIA shows what "Kal-El" – Quadcore has to offer.
The demo is about "dynamic lightning" which is a big point in this movie. Indeed, it looks very good.
"Kal-El" should have a five times higher perfomance than the Tegra 2 Dualcore.
As can be seen in the video, the game isn't playable with a dual core.  The power with the quad core makes the light effect run smoothly. The release date of this game should be in August.


Pay with Google

The rumors came true.Google presented their NFC payment service official yesterday.
It will pay in the future ( but of course only once in the U.S.) simply with your mobile phone. Google Wallet is then "connected" with your creditcard and it allows them to select an app and use to pay for.

If you want more information about Google Wallet , please visit www.google.com/wallet.



Chomp vs Google Market Search

I don't know how google was able to code such a bad search software. As a searchmachine company, they could do it better.
Someone thought so do and developed the App Chomp. Chomp returns much more relative results and the interface is much nicer than the Android Market App as well. All in all it seems the app is very nice
but if you don't find what you are looking for don't foreclose the Google Android Market.


Android with new security problems!!!

Currently there is a new securityhole in Android.
If a Android device logs in a wlan access point, the attacker is be able to get access to your calender, contacts or in your picture folder.

I don't want to scare you. There must be serveral factors.

Factor #1: the attacker must be logged in the same access point like you are. For instance in an opened access point  in a coffee shop.

Factor #2 : The synchronisation to google must be activated.

Factor #3: If there is a synchronisation the attacker must get the token from it. With this token he is able to get access to the Android device. So it's possible too to upload data to this device.
But who is really affected?
Every device which isn't upgraded to 2.3.4 or higher .Only the third party app Picasa (google isn't responsible for this app) has this security hole.

Those who do not currently use the latest version and still want to go use a free Wi-Fi, should'nt share data to google


Android Malware Alert!!!

A lot of apps from the Android-Market were determinted to subscribe premium services, if the smartphone user was in China. The evil apps send automaticly SMS messages which subscribe a premium service.
The user wouldn't notice that because this evil app will delete the text message before he is going to read it.

Affected are the following: Match, 3D Cube horror terrible, ShakeBanger, Shake Break, Sea Ball, iMine, iCalendar, LoveBaby, iCartoon and iBook.
Google has reacted and deleted those apps from the market.
This wasn't the first time when Google deleted apps from their market. Last March they deleted 50apps from their store.


FxCamera - Take pictures with some special effects

With FxCamera, developed by ymst ,you can take pictures and give them some nice special effects

These include ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol, and Normal. The app's are free on Android Market (direct link), it will be displayed advertising banners.


Google I/O Developer Conference

Today the Google I/O Developer Conference starts and we will get interesting news about Android.
So probably google will present  their new product Google music which will be interesting.

Google will allow you to upload till 20.000 songs, which you can stream to your mobile phone when you are on the go. It's like a harddisk (cloud) in the internet, where you can save your record collection.
Among other things google will generate automatic playlsit due to your hearing habits.

It looks like the negotiation between record companies and google failed., which was planed.

Google music will start the next week. You might need an invite as it was for google wave.

More information we will get during this day.

Google I/O DC


Samsung Galaxy S : Gingerbread available again!

Two weeks ago Samsung delivered Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for Galaxy S. For unknown reasons Google stopped this update.
After the delivery stop there were two questions. Why did Google stop the update and when will it get online again?
SamFirmware gave us the answer to the second question. They wrote a message on Twitter that the update would be online in the middle of May again.

It looks like Samsung doesnt want to wait so long. A friend of mine told me yesterday that he was able to update his phone with Kies (Gingerbread 2.3.3). I haven't tried it yet ,but in boards you can read that users got their update via Kies.
It seems like, the update is avaiable again :)


First look at Samsungs TouchWiz UX User Interface

I can't wait for Android 3.0.
Samsung made their own UI for the Touchwiz UX Tablet. It doesn't look bad.
But you can see the video below that the perfomance isn't good. Samsung still needs to do something.


How to install the Mario Live Wallpaper

I didnt thought that it was so easy. Due to Nintendo you can't get it anymore over the google market.
U need to download the apk file from here
and install it on your Android phone and choose it as wallpaper.

And that's all



The packet has arrived

Hmmm, what's in that?

Before I expose whats in it I have to tell you something before.
Last week and my old Nokia mobile phone broke down. So i wasn't able to stay in contact with my buddies.

So I was in trouble and was looking for a new one. A friend of mine told me that Google develope their own mobilephone software, called Android. I read about it on their official website. But this side couln't convince me.
I searched again and came to this site http://forum.xda-developers.com/ . This guys develope software for Android. One of this guys developed an amazing Super Mario World live Wallpaper!
I was so excited about that cause on my old Nokia phone you could see only the current time, I must have it.

Immediatly I searched which was the best Android phone for the best prize.

But what's in the box?
It's a Samsung Galaxy S !!!
Now I am going to find out how to get this amazing Mario Wallpaper on my new mobie phone.

Thank your for watching our bottom page