Cut The Rope for Android

The developers of the popular game iOS Cut The Rope have sent the picture above to the guys from Androidpolice via Twitter.
Although it was known that "Cut the Rope" will be released for Android, it was very quiet about this game last time.
This game will be released on Friday , if you believe the pictures. It isnt clear if the game will be able to buy over the Android Market or over the Amazon Appstore. 
I bet it will be released on Amazon Appstore.  Amazon won't envadeto sell this long awaited game exclusive on their Appstore


phosports said...

awesome game, i love it.
ive nearly beaten it

Pool Fool said...

I like it on iphone/ipod

logo mess said...

:O great i gnarly need this game - will check it out thanks for the info :)

ReMs said...

i wish i had an android when i see this kind of stuff

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