New action game on Android market: 9mm out now !!!

If you like Max Payne or the GTA seasons then you will like 9mm. The player to slip into the role of John “Loose” Kannon, a policeman who doesnt care about the law really.
The player of this third-person shooter will be able to use guns/machinenguns/rocketlaunchers and finally pumpgungs. 
Also the game supports multiplayer. You will be able to play a 1on1 match, or with twelve players on four diffrent maps. 
A first impression on this game delievers the video below.

You can buy 9mm on the Android Market for €5.19


Google strikes back: 1023 IBM patents to defend Android

Due to the patent battle Google decided to buy over 1000 technology patents from IBM.
In Googles e-mail statement they said:
Like many tech companies, at times we’ll acquire patents that are relevant to our business.”

The acquired patents from Google,are about the architecture and fabrication of microprocessor and memory chips, but also to servers, routers and online search engines.

Google has been trying for some time to catch up with the patents to other IT companies like Microsoft and Apple. It has already bought from IBM in July 1000 patents. With the recent acquisition of the smartphone business of Motorola by Google, it should also be gone including the approximately 17 000 briefs, which go to the owner.

So Google wants to prevent their vulnerability.


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