Woman Football World Cup 2011 Application

The "real" footballseason is over. So what to do on Saturday afternoon?
You can't bet and drinking beer with your friends. That's an boring time till the footballseason starts again.
But hope dies last.

The Football World Cup for woman starts soon. For sure it's not so spectacullary as the "real" football but what should you do instead.
Certainly you can't get every information about this tournament. You have to get a little helper.

For that reason you can use this APP as your helper. It costs 0.70€.

You can see all the results of the games, the actuall rankings and more game details.

Here is a screen of it


Anonymous said...

I think it's lame how woman want to be equal to men in every sense, but they have their own sports leagues? Isn't that just implying that they are < the men's sports teams?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information, I rarely find what I’m looking for… finally an exception!

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