Devil's Attorney review

Yesterday I bought a new game Devil's Attorney over the "Google Play" store.

You play an attorney called Max McMann who wants to get to the top. But that’s not so easy as you think because he has a lot of moron clients.
Those clients obviously did illegal things and you ,as their lawyer, have to defend them to get more money, which you can spend into your luxury goods.

For instance you have to defend a client cause he sold copied VHS on the street. WHY VHS? 
Because the game takes place in the 80s. So for people who wants to get back to the 80s it will get very exciting. There are a lot of jokes from that time in the game, which you can compare with the LucasArts adventures like Monkey Island 1 + 2.

How to play the game?

It's like the Magic Card game. Every laywer has healthpoints ,special attacks for damage and some spells to influence evidences or witnesses.
If you are able to get the opponent laywer and witnesses out of the court you win the process.

The game is available for android and iphone for ~ $3,00. 

Best time waster over X-mas


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