Does Nokia test Android?

Nokia just introduced their N9 with the operation system Meego. As you can see on the picture there is a Nokia device with a non Meego operation system.
We can't check due to this picturesnap if the Nokia device uses is a legit Android software.
The staff from engadget.com thinks it is not a fake picture because the guy who uploaded this image is the same guy who uploaded Nokia's Windows mobile prototype.
It seems this guy has got some real inside information.

Maybe Nokia isn't happy with their windows mobile sales and they are trying it now with Android.
I can't wait to look forward till we know if Nokia will sell mobile phones with Android OS


Woman Football World Cup 2011 Application

The "real" footballseason is over. So what to do on Saturday afternoon?
You can't bet and drinking beer with your friends. That's an boring time till the footballseason starts again.
But hope dies last.

The Football World Cup for woman starts soon. For sure it's not so spectacullary as the "real" football but what should you do instead.
Certainly you can't get every information about this tournament. You have to get a little helper.

For that reason you can use this APP as your helper. It costs 0.70€.

You can see all the results of the games, the actuall rankings and more game details.

Here is a screen of it


Cut The Rope for Android

The developers of the popular game iOS Cut The Rope have sent the picture above to the guys from Androidpolice via Twitter.
Although it was known that "Cut the Rope" will be released for Android, it was very quiet about this game last time.
This game will be released on Friday , if you believe the pictures. It isnt clear if the game will be able to buy over the Android Market or over the Amazon Appstore. 
I bet it will be released on Amazon Appstore.  Amazon won't envadeto sell this long awaited game exclusive on their Appstore


A new, low-cost tablet...

... called ANDYPAD.
Did you hear about it? NO?
Then it's good that you read this blog entry, because this doesn't sound uninteresting what the guy from the UK promise us.

  • Android 2.3
  • 7" Display
  • WiFi, HDMI, MicroSD
  • 3D GPU
  • 1,2GHz A8 Prozessor
  • 1080p HD Video Ouput
On their website you can see a day counter. Currently it says 73 days left. That means you are able to buy it at September.
You also see the price for this tablet. I think thats not expensive for such a tablet.

It will cost £ 129 , that is, give about 150 .


Android smart watch

Today I present a watch which works on Android called" i’m Watch".
Sony Ericsson demonstrated first this kind of watch with their "LiveView".
The idea behind it is to connect your watch with your smartphone so handle mails, calls, messages on your hand. You don't have to put your mobilephone out from your pocket.
But there were a lot of connection problems between the watch and the smartphone.

The "i'm Watch" takes up this principle, but it uses Android as Operation System. Thus you solve the connection problem.
Due to reports the "i'm Watch" is working fine on Iphone and Blackberrys too.


  • Analog and also digital representation of the time
  • Caller name and number are displayed on the display
  • Phone calls should also be possible
  • SMS and e-mails are shown
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. is shown
  • Music Downloads, Apps, Photo Galleries
  • Extensible functions Apps  
The "i'm Watch" will be able to buy in different colour on 30th Juneand and it will cost 245€ (~$345).
I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll have some money left after holidays. ;)

 i'mWatch Website


Android 2.3.3 avaiable for Samsung Galaxy S via Kies

It is said that the Android 2.3.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S is avaiable for Kies. Severale user
confirmed that. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S at home, connect your USB-Cable to your computer and start your "favorite" software Kies. Maybe there is something nice to install.

Also a new testsoftware has appeared on samfirmware.com. If you want to install this software you should be a technical expert and know that your mobilephone could be broking due tis operation.


Android App provides quick access to other Facebook accounts

FaceNiff ist eine App für Googles Betriebssystem Android, mit der ein Hacker ohne große Probleme auf fremde Konten bei Facebook, Twitter oder auch YouTube zugreifen kann. 

The developer of the software, Bartosz Ponurkiewicz, has announced that other platforms will follow soon. Via the app to all of those user accounts can be accessed, which are in the same wireless network.

For the hack you need another fine rooted Android smartphone. Then it only takes about 30 seconds to log on to the target account. Wi-Fi networks that are encrypted with WEP, WPA or WPA2 is not a problem for this app.




Android statistics

Nielsen, know for its data collection on viewer behavior on TV and now focuses on all other statistically relevant areas of telecommunications, has just released the results that Android users obertake the I-Phone in downloading and using from apps.

Source: blog.nielsen.com

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