Sony makes Google-TV available in Germany

Some manufacturers have introduced new Google TV gadgets for us. In Europe those products aren't very popular.
There is simply no well-developed Google TV ecosystem that provides enough media content so that it would currently be worth buying a new TV with Android. Perhaps this might still change this year.

Sony has announced two products at CES, which doesn't need a new TV. You can connect it on your TV. 
Both devices, the network media player NSZ GS7 and the Blu-ray player NSZ GP9 should be available to us according to Sony in mid-year. The two players are not only with remote (included QWERTY keyboard) and can be controlled with gestures or language will be able to operate the equipment. 

The Operating System of the Sony - Networkplayers is the actual Google TV Software which contains the Android Market.

If the summer is going bad this year, it might be a interesting equipment.



logo mess said...

I hope google TV gets around my country soon!
Damn my Android TV is noise only for now :)

Joana Galhardo said...

seriously? this seems interesting to try! ;)

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