New Android virus apparently records phone calls

It is still August - and thus summer. However, this year it rains very often. No wonder then, that one catches a virus much easier.
But why Android has gotten a cold so easily? After the "Angry Bird" virus there is a new one out there.

Privacy advocates strike alarm

Researchers from CA Technologies found a virus, which records phone calls and send them to a server.
This virus wasn't written by some intelligent programmer because the phone calls are saved on the SD-CARD which get full soon. So soon the owner of the mobile phone will recognize that there is something wrong because.  
I recomment you to read the description of the app before you download it!
If you are too lazy for that then i suggest you to download LBE Privacy Guard.
Many pests disguise themselves as system files. If they look somehow suspicious - don't download it!!!



Magixx said...

o_o that kinda suxx

Lich said...

That's quite a stupid virus, tbh. I wonder what they are trying to achieve with it.

Uberbyron said...

I have an HTC, but Android is such a pain in the ass sometimes... still downloading is users own responsibility.

Igneel21 said...

with all those tentacles im pretty sure its a japanese virus, and believe me, you dont want it to be a japanese virus...

but in all seriousness virus will always find their way everywhere, so this doesnt surprise me

Anonymous said...

Maybe made by the government?

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