I want to ride my bicycle my bicycle

This gadget I am showing you is very nice.
You don't need allways an electric socket. If you go by bike you will use GPS and want to track your route.
But soon you will notice that your batterie is very low.
With this gadget you won't have this problem anymore. You have to put it only on your cycle handlebars and ride your bike.

This gadget works with 5 V, 500 mA. The disadvantage of this gadget is the cable tangle which I don't like.

Usually it cots €69,90 but for a short time you can get it for €29,90.

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Zach said...

That's pretty sweet. Just wouldn't want that thing to fall off ha!

Bremsy said...

Yeah uhh that would hurt crashing at 40km/h not only woul the bike need some repairing, but the gadget would be anihalated :3

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