Android with new security problems!!!

Currently there is a new securityhole in Android.
If a Android device logs in a wlan access point, the attacker is be able to get access to your calender, contacts or in your picture folder.

I don't want to scare you. There must be serveral factors.

Factor #1: the attacker must be logged in the same access point like you are. For instance in an opened access point  in a coffee shop.

Factor #2 : The synchronisation to google must be activated.

Factor #3: If there is a synchronisation the attacker must get the token from it. With this token he is able to get access to the Android device. So it's possible too to upload data to this device.
But who is really affected?
Every device which isn't upgraded to 2.3.4 or higher .Only the third party app Picasa (google isn't responsible for this app) has this security hole.

Those who do not currently use the latest version and still want to go use a free Wi-Fi, should'nt share data to google


GameArtifacts said...

Doesn't seem like a huge issue, just something to keep in mind. Thanks for the info!

MarkeeTeeVee said...

Is the company doing something about this?

logo mess said...

bad wifi :D i never liked it - wireless sucks

CPH said...

This is a little troublesome, actually.

William Main said...

There's been security holes in everything lately, I swear to god. Not going to affect me so much, I still don't have my Android phone yet. I can't wait to get it though.

I'll keep this in mind until it gets fixed though.

JCF said...

Hm ok. Good to know but the hacker wouldnt find any stuff there :3

Siiig said...

You scared me for a second =P Till I read it's a third part app.

Jacob said...

Wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't fragmentation. IIRC, most android phones are on 2.x, but not all of them are updated to at least 2.3. :/

But since it's third party apps at fault, it probably isn't as bad as it sounds.

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