Android Apps have access to pictures of the phone user

Google's Android, it allows all apps without user consent to access the images of a smartphone. Google has already announced a solution for this problem.

Google has added to the design flaw is now officially and promises an update soon that will probably exclude the internal memories of a smartphone in part from the rights enable "Internet". Otherwise, Google is already doing much to suggest that notice suspicious apps. Thus, the scanner scans regularly Bouncer programs on typical parasites such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware. Run apps from suspicious features will warn the security division of Google, which is then checked and, if those apps from the market clears.

About data security and rival Microsoft has something to say. They have a different claim than Google, so Germany boss Ralf Haupter Microsoft, and thus criticized the current case. At Google, the user would rather be treated as "data products". Microsoft sees privacy issue a differentiator against Google.


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