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How to root Samsung Galaxy SIII

This time on android-noises.com, I'll tell you how to root your Samsung Galaxy III.


When you unlock and root your phone, you will loose your warranty!
Android-noises.com is not responsible if your phone breaks down !!!

Only root if you know what you are doing! If you don't know what rooting is then check our post here.

Getting Started

We will use  CF Auto-Root 1.0. You can download and check the version here. Again check the version before you start downloading!

IF you don't know what SG III you have you can see it on your mobile phone  by going into Settings >About Device.

Again do not use it if your device is not supported! It might get ruined!

The next step is to download Odin. Download it, and extract the file

Then unzip te CF Auto-ROot 1.0 file like you did it with Odin.
Before you execute the Odin .exe file you have to make sure that your device isn't connected with your computer! That's very important.

In the next step you have to choose the PDA button and choose your CF Auto-Root tar.md5 file and click "open".

In the last step you have to force your phone into Download mode.Turn it off, and hold the Volume Down, Home and Power keys at the same time to boot. A warning  appear and ask you to press a key, which your press  and you should finally see a screen on your device.
Now you connect your device to your computer and push Start in the Odin-Software.

After a successful  installation you can test your device if everything went allright. Go into the Google-Play download Add Free and open it.
If there won't be any warnings, congratulations you rooted your device.


Devil's Attorney review

Yesterday I bought a new game Devil's Attorney over the "Google Play" store.

You play an attorney called Max McMann who wants to get to the top. But that’s not so easy as you think because he has a lot of moron clients.
Those clients obviously did illegal things and you ,as their lawyer, have to defend them to get more money, which you can spend into your luxury goods.

For instance you have to defend a client cause he sold copied VHS on the street. WHY VHS? 
Because the game takes place in the 80s. So for people who wants to get back to the 80s it will get very exciting. There are a lot of jokes from that time in the game, which you can compare with the LucasArts adventures like Monkey Island 1 + 2.

How to play the game?

It's like the Magic Card game. Every laywer has healthpoints ,special attacks for damage and some spells to influence evidences or witnesses.
If you are able to get the opponent laywer and witnesses out of the court you win the process.

The game is available for android and iphone for ~ $3,00. 

Best time waster over X-mas



Google Sky Map

I have looked up so many times into the night sky and didn't know what the dots were all about.
After watching the Red Bull Stratos project I'm getting more excited into
astrologie. So i was looking for an App where I can learn learn more about it.

I didn't know that Google offers an own App called "Google Sky Map"

With GPS you can localize easily any stars in the sky and what their names are. The skymaps shows you the stars and their neighbors. It's similar to Google Earth.


Google Play …

Even the services Google Music and Google videos are not available in every country  (which hopefully change soon ...) - Google released a tutorial movie for.  It provides a very interesting look behind the scenes at the development studios Google.


Android Apps have access to pictures of the phone user

Google's Android, it allows all apps without user consent to access the images of a smartphone. Google has already announced a solution for this problem.

Google has added to the design flaw is now officially and promises an update soon that will probably exclude the internal memories of a smartphone in part from the rights enable "Internet". Otherwise, Google is already doing much to suggest that notice suspicious apps. Thus, the scanner scans regularly Bouncer programs on typical parasites such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware. Run apps from suspicious features will warn the security division of Google, which is then checked and, if those apps from the market clears.

About data security and rival Microsoft has something to say. They have a different claim than Google, so Germany boss Ralf Haupter Microsoft, and thus criticized the current case. At Google, the user would rather be treated as "data products". Microsoft sees privacy issue a differentiator against Google.


Sony makes Google-TV available in Germany

Some manufacturers have introduced new Google TV gadgets for us. In Europe those products aren't very popular.
There is simply no well-developed Google TV ecosystem that provides enough media content so that it would currently be worth buying a new TV with Android. Perhaps this might still change this year.

Sony has announced two products at CES, which doesn't need a new TV. You can connect it on your TV. 
Both devices, the network media player NSZ GS7 and the Blu-ray player NSZ GP9 should be available to us according to Sony in mid-year. The two players are not only with remote (included QWERTY keyboard) and can be controlled with gestures or language will be able to operate the equipment. 

The Operating System of the Sony - Networkplayers is the actual Google TV Software which contains the Android Market.

If the summer is going bad this year, it might be a interesting equipment.


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